Depression Self Assesment

Analyze how you have been feeling over the past one-week and then choose the best answer to the following questions

Your All data will be kept highly secure and confidential and will not be share to anyone in any case.

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Q1 Are you basically satisfied with your life? : Yes   No
Q2 Have you dropped many of your activities and interests? : Yes   No
Q3 Do you feel that your life is empty?  : Yes   No
Q4 Do you often get bored? : Yes   No
Q5 Are you in good spirits most of the time? : Yes   No
Q6 Are you afraid that something bad is going to happen to you? : Yes   No
Q7 Do you feel happy most of the time? : Yes   No
Q8 Do you often feel helpless? : Yes   No
Q9 Do you prefer staying at home rather than going out and doing things? : Yes   No
Q10 Do you feel you have more problems with memory than most people? : Yes   No
Q11 Do you think it is wonderful to be alive now? : Yes   No
Q12 Do you feel pretty worthless the way you are now? : Yes   No
Q13 Do you feel full of energy? : Yes   No
Q14 Do you feel that your situation is hopeless? : Yes   No
Q15 Do you think that most people are better off than you? : Yes   No
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(Will be kept confidential)

The information provided on this site is purely for educational purpose. We do not intend to provide a diagnosis or treatment or replace any of the discussions with a healthcare professional. This self-assessment tool is intended only to know the possibility of depression. Only a healthcare professional can diagnose or suggest a treatment plan.

Source: Sheik, J.I and Yesavage, J.A., Geriatric Depression Scale: Recent Evidence and Development of a shorter version Clinical Gerontologist 5, 165-172, 1986

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