Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

We all encounter accidents in our day to day life. But if these demoralize your fundamental beliefs, they take the shape of a traumatic event.

Trauma "pierces or wounds your body's psychological defenses".

After a traumatic experience, which might range from being involved in or witnessing an accident, physical or sexual abuse, fire, natural disaster many people are found to suffer from a mental condition called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This self-test will help you to identify your possibility of suffering from PTSD. A quick self-test on PTSD involves answering 'YES' or 'NO' to the following statements.

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Q1 Did you avoid being reminded of this experience by staying away from certain places, people, or activities?
: Yes   No
Q2  Did you lose interest in activities that were once important or enjoyable? : Yes   No
Q3  Did you begin to feel more isolated or distant from other people? : Yes   No
Q4  Did you find it hard to have love or affection for other people? : Yes   No
Q5  Did you begin to feel that there was no point in planning for the future? : Yes   No
Q6 Did you have more trouble than usual falling asleep or staying asleep? : Yes   No
Q7 Did you become jumpy or more easily startled by ordinary noises or movements? : Yes   No
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The information provided on this site is purely for educational purpose. We do not intend to provide a diagnosis or treatment or replace any of the discussions with a healthcare professional. This self-assessment tool is intended only to know the possibility of PSTD. Only a healthcare professional can diagnose or suggest a treatment plan.

Reference: Breslau N, Peterson EL, Kessler RC, Schultz LT. Am J Psychiatry. 1999; 156: 908-911.

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